Everlaw: Slash Review Time by Optimizing Your Ediscovery Process

Extract from Everlaw’s article “Slash Review Time by Optimizing Your Ediscovery Process”

Generating discoverable data has never been this easy. Even a moderately-sized corporation is able to create millions of email messages, chat transcripts, voicemail recordings, digital documents, videos, and social media posts in a relatively short period of time. One Rand study estimated that a U.S. civil case typically includes about 130 gigabytes (GB) or 6.5 million pages of data.

The traditional linear discovery review system that has been used for decades is a “manual, expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone process requiring teams of legal professionals to review hundreds of thousands or millions of documents one at a time to determine relevance to a specific case,” according to a 2019 American Bar Association (ABA) report.

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