Ryan Joyce, Ipro: New Survey Captures the Current Pulse of the eDiscovery Industry

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Extract from Ryan Joyce’s article “New Survey Captures the Current Pulse of the eDiscovery Industry”

First, I created a short interview with 7 questions and sent them to corporate legal teams, law firms, and legal service providers in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia. The first question is about how they, their family, and their region were doing overall. The remaining 6 questions are about their company: if they are working from home, if they are busy and still getting new matters, and what their expectations are for the industry in 2 months, as well as for when things get back to “normal.”

Below are the 7 questions with my wrap-up summary for each. I’ve also included a few statements from some of the people I spoke to, with their names and company information removed for privacy.

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