Everlaw Whitepaper: Ediscovery Trends and User Insights: A Year in Review

Ediscovery Trends and User Insights: A Year in Review


Ediscovery is a constantly evolving landscape in need of holistic, end-to-end platforms that enable efficiency, collaboration, and usage of advanced analytics.

Unlike clunky, on-premises solutions, Everlaw is a true SaaS solution impacting the productivity of ediscovery users and offering valuable data insights.

At Everlaw, we make sense of this data to continuously improve the product and user experience.

Being a SaaS solution also provides us a unique opportunity to glean user insights from usage of the platform to answer these key questions:

  • How do ediscovery professionals become more
    efficient at their jobs?
  • How do legal professionals collaborate?
  • What is our user adoption across the platform?

Download the white paper today for an in-depth analysis of user behaviors and trends on the Everlaw platform from 2019-2020.

Download the white paper here