Frank Ready, ALM Media: Legal Departments Face New Cybersecurity Challenge: Pandemic-Caused Fatigue

Extract from Frank Ready’s article “Legal Departments Face New Cybersecurity Challenge: Pandemic-Caused Fatigue”

Some legal departments are taking on greater roles in leading their organization’s cybersecurity efforts at a time when businesses in general may be facing an uphill battle in protecting their networks. For starters, pandemic safety measures have left many employees working from home. And many could be becoming burned out from the constant stream of security-related updates and communications companies are rolling out in an effort to fortify an overly broad attack surface. 

But while the pandemic may be shifting how cybersecurity messaging is received internally, some legal departments may have been trying to strike the right balance between vigilance and an over-reliance on fear long before the health crisis. During the Women, Influence & Power in Law Virtual Summit held last month, guest Peggy Bodin, head of global privacy at Mylan, noted that cybersecurity messaging that relies too much on fear can often fall on deaf ears internally. 

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