Victoria Hudgins, Legaltech News: Why Large Corporate Departments Can Make or Break Attorney Marketplaces

Extract from Victoria Hudgins’s article “Why Large Corporate Departments Can Make or Break Attorney Marketplaces”

When attorney marketplaces first launch, they usually target their services to a large pool of small businesses. But despite unmet legal needs, that work usually dries up. However, while necessary to their survival, cracking into large corporate legal departments, which provides more consistent legal work, is no easy feat. 

Undoubtedly, small businesses are underserved by most law firms. The vast amount of small businesses also makes them attractive clientele for newly launched attorney marketplaces. “Small businesses are probably the easiest place to start,” said Ashish Walia, co-founder of Lawtrades Inc., which originally served small businesses but two years ago began also working with large companies.

“There’s an obviously really big need to make those services accessible to small business owners when historically you spend so much money on a large law firm or do it by yourself,” Walia added.

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