Frank Ready, ALM Media: Thomson Reuters to Retire eDiscovery Point by Mid-2022

Extract from Frank Ready’s article “Thomson Reuters to Retire eDiscovery Point by Mid-2022”

Now seems as good a time as any to begin winding down any open projects on Thomson Reuters’ eDiscovery Point document review platform. The company notified customers earlier this week that it was initiating a “managed transition” toward the retirement of the service by June 30, 2022. 

“The planned wind down of eDiscovery Point is a strategic business decision and will allow Thomson Reuters to focus investment and development on other priorities where we can have the biggest impact and provide the most value to our customers,” read a statement from Thomson Reuters provided to Legaltech News. 

The company’s customer service team will work with clients to wrap up any work in eDiscovery Point and transition to a new service of their choosing. However, Thomson Reuters is encouraging customers to transfer their service needs to e-discovery vendor Lighthouse.

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