George Socha, Reveal: eDiscovery Market Trends That Can No Longer Be Ignored

Extract from George Socha’s article “eDiscovery Market Trends That Can No Longer Be Ignored”

Solutions available in today’s eDiscovery market offers great power. Service providers and law firms have access to electronic discovery software with built-in capabilities that previously had to be custom-built or simply were not available. In spite of these advances, many firms and providers lag behind, continuing to rely on outdated eDiscovery software.

As a service provider hoping for a better market share, or as a law firm pursuing market growth, how do you tell whether you are an electronic discovery leader or a laggard?

eDiscovery Market Trend #1:  Ease of Use
Is your eDiscovery solution easy to use? An electronic discovery tool you and your clients find hard to use is a tool less likely to be used. If you find your current eDiscovery solution difficult to use, it is time to look around.

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