George Socha, Reveal: Legal AI Software: Taking Document Review to the Next Level

Extract from George Socha’s article “Legal AI Software: Taking Document Review to the Next Level”

Legal AI software is not man against machine, steel-driving John Henry versus the steam drill. Rather, today’s real-world AI solutions helps attorneys and allied professionals become the modern-day equivalent of The Six Million Dollar Man, able to accomplish superhuman data analysis and review. Or, if you prefer fact to fiction, AI software is the legal world’s equivalent of the tethered exoskeleton system being created by Hugh Herr’s Biomechatronics group at the MIT Media Lab.

Just as Professor Herr’s team has developed a system that provides a subject’s biological legs with an unprecedented level of gait enhancement, legal AI software provides lawyers’ and their colleagues’ inquisitive and dogged minds with tools that help them develop an unprecedented level of insight into the lawsuits and investigations they conduct.

Through well-planned and executed use of AI software, legal teams can hone in quickly on the data that matters to them most, while also identifying and setting aside potentially vast amounts of data that do not warrant further consideration.

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