Frank Ready, ALM Media: Remote Work Made E-Discovery Employees More Productive. Will It Last?

Extract from Frank Ready’s article “Remote Work Made E-Discovery Employees More Productive. Will It Last?”

E-discovery providers may be seeing unexpected productivity gains as employees continue to adapt to the remote working conditions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. But maintaining those gains in the long run will require companies to permanently rethink the way that they approach worker engagement, while also persuading clients that remote e-discovery work poses a minimal threat to security.

E-discovery providers, however, will likely be well-motivated to put in the effort. Shamus Flower, senior vice president at Consilio, noted that the company is seeing an increase in both productivity and work quality from employees in its contract review service. He attributes this to the flexibility that remote working affords employees who would otherwise have to spend time commuting to an office where they adhere to a strict schedule.

Rigidity isn’t necessarily a friend to the document review process. “Document review is not the most exciting task to perform. 

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