George Socha, Reveal: Using AI to Prepare Complaints: Part 2, The AI

Extract from George Socha’s article “Using AI to Prepare Complaints: Part 2, The AI”

Artificial intelligence tools can help you get work done better and faster at every stage of a lawsuit. You can turn to AI as you prepare the initial complaint and continue to use it through trial and beyond.

Today, I’ll examine how you can use AI to help in preparing a complaint. As an example, I’ll work with the complaint from an action for trade secret misappropriation, patent infringement, and unfair competition, Waymo v. Uber, filed in the Northern District of California in 2017. I know nothing about the case beyond the assertions set forth in the complaint.

As you set out to prepare a complaint in a new matter, you have a duty to ascertain that the factual contentions you intend to set forth in the complaint have or are likely to have evidentiary support.

Evidentiary Support

Evidentiary support – or the lack of it – will matter for every element of a complaint. These include:

  • Initial statement of the case
  • Naming of the parties to the case
  • Basis for jurisdiction
  • Basis for venue
  • Statement of claims or facts
  • Assertion of causes of action
  • Demand or prayer for relief

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