Ankur Agarwal: eDiscovery 2022: How Will Your Legal Technology Be Reshaped?


Extract from Ankur Agarwal’s article “eDiscovery 2022: How Will Your Legal Technology Be Reshaped?”

Venio Systems’ co-founder and Executive Vice President, Chris Jurkiewicz, was joined by the president of ACEDS, Mike Quartararo, to discuss the biggest eDiscovery trends 2022 has to offer and how they will reshape the legal industry.

Venio’s  unique way of both identifying and evaluating new eDiscovery innovations and technologies distinguishes our findings from those of our competitors. We gather a committee of our best technical, product and customer experts who analyze what our users’ need and want from their eDiscovery solutions to be their most successful.

Centering your objectives allowed our experts to develop a repeatable and predictable test to evaluate eDiscovery trends across six dimensions:

  • Reach
  • Impact
  • Urgency
  • Maturity
  • Effort
  • Effectiveness

We employ these six dimensions because we strongly believe developing tech, just for the sake of it, is pointless. A deep analysis of what should be done and which technologies can significantly improve our users’ lives helps us drive our own innovations while never losing sight of our users.

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