Handy Chart on E-Admissibility

Extract from Craig Ball’s article “Handy Chart on E-Admissibility”

I received a fine gift this morning from U.S. District Judge Paul Grimm, and with the authors’ permission, I’m sharing it with you.  It’s a splendid chart on admissibility of electronic evidence that any trial lawyer will want when going to Court.  For younger readers, I will explain what “going to Court” means in a future post.

The chart is the latest iteration of work by Paul Grimm and Kevin Brady, two I admire as much for their sterling characters and kindnesses as for their stunning lawyer intellects.  Judge Grimm needs no introduction here.  He’s the judge behind decisions like Victor Stanley v. Creative PipeMancia v. Mayflower andLorraine v. Markel, the last a virtual hornbook on admissibility of electronic evidence.  He’s also masterfully guided the evolution of the federal rules of evidence and procedure, notably FRE 502 and FRCP 37(e).  Paul Grimm is simply the finest judge–and gentleman–I know.

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