HaystackID: Focusing on the Total Cost of eDiscovery Review?

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Extract from HaystackID’s article “Focusing on the Total Cost of eDiscovery Review? Appropriately Matching Requirements and Reviewers”

Editor’s Note: Since March of 2020, the task of legal document review has been magnified in eDiscovery circles by the geographical restrictions and social distancing requirements driven by the unfortunate outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). This magnification of the task of review has led to a proliferation of announcements regarding the availability of review offerings, the establishment of new programs, and the introduction of services to support the expanded review intricacies of today’s new remote workplace. These announcements, while regularly validating the need within the market for holistic review staffing and sourcing approaches, many times focus extensively on the cost of specific elements of review without taking into consideration the impact of quality or experience on the total cost of review. One area where quality and experience truly impacts the total cost of review is in the area of document review staffing.

HaystackID understands the importance of quality and experience in supporting law firms and legal departments with the best-qualified reviewers for specific review needs. The following overview of our ReviewRight Match Selection Program highlights our experience and commitment to quality in this area as it represents the most comprehensive and enduring review selection program in the eDiscovery ecosystem.

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