Leah Langston, Zapproved: 2 Key Components for Making the Ediscovery Software Case


Extract from Leah Langston’s article “2 Key Components for Making the Ediscovery Software Case”

One of my first jobs was in technical support, which, as you can imagine, is one of the least glamorous jobs at any company. Tech support, like legal, can often be considered a cost center rather than a revenue driver. This meant it felt like our department had to work double-time to justify a new software investment, even when it would have streamlined our processes and given us the ability to escalate urgent issues quicker. 

The right tech support technology for our department, as non-glamorous as it was, could have saved the company serious money. But at the time I just didn’t have the language or business savvy to know how to advocate for the purchase outside of my team.

Navigating Competing Priorities
As we talk to corporate legal professionals, we hear a similar message: “our team is ready, but how do we convince our organization it’s time to invest in ediscovery software?”

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