High Performance Counsel Presents #TopofMind

Extract from High Performance Counsel’s article “High Performance Counsel Presents #TopofMind”

At High Performance Counsel, we’re on record as saying that the legal “space” will indeed become a true legal “industry” – and that the pace of change around digitization will accelerate rapidly in ’18 and beyond. Some of our views may be more aggressive and far-reaching than are comfortable (or yet within view) for many – but few would argue that change isn’t all about. Innovation is moving beyond theory into day-to-day usage and technology is becoming a proud professional enabler, not a stumbling block. There is a curious and inevitable tussle underway within the legal sector between those that see far ahead and those that would prefer not to. Between those who embrace change and those whose interests may be less well-served by the disruption of the status quo.

For many, the world of opportunity is limitless – a new dawn in innovation and technology beckons – but, to address the quote, “the act (is) a slave to limit.”

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