#TopOfMind: “Storm Rising” in the Modern Legal Industry – Presented by High Performance Counsel

Extract from “#TopOfMind: “Storm Rising” in the Modern Legal Industry – Presented by High Performance Counsel” 

The legal industry is in play.

Let that sit with you for a moment. For several years since early LPO experiences, voices have murmured about the time this point was coming – and when “it would happen”. That moment has finally arrived.

So when I sat down to write a few introductory words for this special issue of #TopOfMind – my mind immediately turned to my most-treasured quotation, which I share for you here:

“Change is a dragon. You can ignore it, which is futile. 
You can fight it, in which case you will lose. 
Or you can ride it.” [Anon.]

This is the philosophy that we embraced in launching High Performance Counsel just under two years ago in anticipation of this shift in the legal market. It is the acquired wisdom we happily share with anyone who will accept it. The proverb speaks to change – and being open to change – on both an individual and organizational level. To be sure, the change ahead in the legal industry will impact all participants. No-one gets to sit it out.

To understand change is to embrace it. To embrace it is to leverage it – or simply squander the opportunity that it represents. We’ve seen this in several prior chapters of industry change – HRO, ITO, BPO, KPO, FA&O. Witness the vast land-grabs, the shocking demise of household industry names and the epic rise of new empires – the ascendancy of technology and the injection of big ticket investor funds into growth areas and organizations – not just pocket money. Real money.

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