ILTACON 2018: Innovation in Full Swing

Extract from Edward Sohn’s article “ILTACON 2018: Innovation in Full Swing”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — ILTACON 2018 finished last week, and I confess being pleasantly surprised at how the conference went. Legal technology and innovation conferences should not be laden with expectations of game-changing announcements or moves forward, but instead analyzed through the lens of incremental shifts, gut-checking the levels of savviness and whether the collective conversation is advancing.

I saw evidence of that advancement — subtly, as real change often appears. The keynotes, panels, exhibitors, and attendees in general exuded a sense of fluency when speaking about technology and innovation. New topics were no longer strange ones to behold, but threads to be interrogated. Yes, the cloud is coming, but now there are questions about a hybrid migration path. Sure, blockchain is around the corner, but what are the real applications of blockchain in practice, aside from cryptocurrency?

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