Why ILTACON is Still the Best Legal Technology Conference

Extract from Tom O’Connor’s article “Why ILTACON is Still the Best Legal Technology Conference”

I just spent a very relaxing weekend with Gayle at my sister’s house in Noank CT.   Sunny, low humidity, light breezes, lobstah, cigars, fire pit at night in the back yard, more lobstah.  At one point during a relaxing moment in an Adirondack chair (with a lobstah and a cigar), my sister said to me, “don’t you want to go do something” and I replied, “I’m doing it”.

But at some point between crustaceans, Gayle and I spent a little time recapping the ILTACON18 conference we had attended the week before. You can see her summary in this week’s ACEDS blog at https://blog.aceds.org/  as well as other recent posts by Bob Ambrogi and Kevin O’Keefe which capture the details of the show but I thought I’d add a few thoughts of my own because … well because I’m out of lobstahs and cutting back on cigars.

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