ACEDS UK Chapter Vlog Series

Introducing the ACEDS UK Chapter VLOG Series

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The ACEDS UK Chapter has been working on a series of short VLOGs to cover an array of topics such as: interviews with eDiscovery Industry Veterans, the changing face of the eDiscovery industry, how to preserve mental health while working in a high-pressure industry and the future of the legal technology.

The first of these VLOGs features a conversation between James MacGregor and Bryant Isbell, both of the ACEDS UK Chapter Board and Jim Vint, CRO of Breakwater Solutions to discuss the use of eDiscovery tools, people and processes to assist with due diligence in the context of corporate mergers and acquisitions.

The next VLOG will be hosted by ACEDS UK Chapter board members, Emily Wyllie-Ballard and Amit Pandit, and will explore the weird and wonderful ways people have found themselves in the eDiscovery industry, with a particular interest on the certifications and training available.


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