Nick Inglis, IPRO: What IG Metrics Should You Track?

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Extract from Nick Inglis’s article “What IG Metrics Should You Track?”

As we all know, each Information Governance (IG) program is different; and the metrics each organization tracks for it might differ depending on the industry, the company culture, and other factors.  

Despite these variations, there are common areas for metrics that IG professionals should consider.  

Metrics have been an ongoing challenge in the IG space since its’ inception. My past research showed that under 15% of IG programs track metrics that IG practitioners consider “meaningful.”

One approach to metrics that I’ve shared since first hearing it from him in 2016 is Seth Maislin’s “Stealthy Governance” approach. If you’re unfamiliar, his philosophy is essentially this: most people in your organization don’t care about Information Governance, so place your focus on key stakeholders and manage your IG program in the background with minimal disruption. I’ll quote Maislin on this point, “Governance is not an activity, it’s an approach… for all activities.” 

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