IPRO: 7 Things to Look for When Selecting Legal Hold Software

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Extract from IPRO’s article “7 Things to Look for When Selecting Legal Hold Software”

Corporate counsel often shoulder the burden of managing the entire Legal Hold process for their organization.

That means on top of everything else, they must issue, execute and ensure compliance with required legal holds in the event of anticipated litigation, regulatory request responses, internal investigations, and due diligence activities.

These processes, when done manually or with an outdated solution, can be daunting and cumbersome, and involves:

  • Hounding unresponsive custodians
  • Monitoring overlapping legal holds in multiple cases
  • Updating spreadsheets to track custodians
  • Stressing over missing data
  • Worrying about the defensibility this legal hold process

While implementing legal holds requires preparation, the right legal hold software can lighten your workload and ensure all your records are properly preserved for legal defensibility.

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