Jim Gill: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a SaaS eDiscovery Solution

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Extract from Jim Gill’s article “5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a SaaS eDiscovery Solution”

It’s hard to believe this is still a topic in 2022, but according to industry thought leader Rob Robinson’s eDiscovery Market Size Mashup: 2020-2025 Worldwide Software and Services Overview, the split between eDiscovery solutions being on-prem or in the cloud is right at 50/50 for 2021, which leaves a significant chunk of the market still not utilizing the benefits of a SaaS eDiscovery solution.

Change is Hard

There are several reasons given for why an on-prem eDiscovery solution might be used (data security is probably the number one answer), but I think a lot of it is simply that change is hard (which is the idea behind this month’s eDiscovery Blues comic).

The thought of the workflow disruption that comes with implementation, case data transfer, training, etc., is enough to make anyone say, “We’re doing fine with what we have.”

But “doing fine” is relative. It’s amazing what you can learn to live with.

Years ago, during my college teaching days, the Q stopped working on my laptop (I think one of my toddlers dripped soda on it). I decided a new computer wasn’t in my budget. So, when I wrote, if I came across a word that needed a Q, I just thought of a synonym and went on.

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