IPRO: On Integrations and Pushing the Boundaries: An IPRO Veteran Discusses Industry Acquisitions and Innovations

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Extract from IPRO’s article “On Integrations and Pushing the Boundaries: An IPRO Veteran Discusses Industry Acquisitions and Innovations”

In this Q&A, Ryan Joyce, Senior VP of Strategy, offers perspectives on where the industry has been and where it’s going, and more about the exciting things that are happening at IPRO.

Ryan, you’ve been with IPRO for almost 20 years – and that has to have been quite a journey. What’s been the most surprising thing about the journey?

I think the resiliency of the industry is incredible. Through every kind of challenge – economic downturns, even a global pandemic, the eDiscovery and litigation industries have always been able to bounce back, and it seems like each time we prove ourselves stronger than the last. Certainly there were a lot of things that could have dragged the whole industry down during this last year, but instead we adapted to what was going on and reinvented the way we got things done so that we could continue to serve and report, investigate, and even litigate. So, I’m proud of us as a company, and of the industry as a whole.

You mentioned innovation. What are your thoughts on that as the VP of Strategy?

Innovation is really all about pushing the boundaries. Challenging the norm. Rejecting the idea that just because something has always been done in a particular way, that’s the way it has to be done, and instead, really thinking about everything that we do and asking ourselves how we can do it better. 

We’ve been driven by that philosophy since our early days, and it has helped us leapfrog some of the other players that are out there time and again. Aspiring for true automation and integrating great technologies from inData, NetGovern, and ZyLAB combined with IPRO’s rock solid tools has allowed IPRO to push innovation and challenge the norm.

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