Doug Austin, eDiscovery Today: Automating Chain of Custody Tracking in Today’s eDiscovery Workflows


Extract from Doug Austin’s article “Automating Chain of Custody Tracking in Today’s eDiscovery Workflows”

Sometimes, I like to take a topic I’ve written about before and revisit it to discuss how the topic has changed and evolved over time.

I’ve been working in litigation support and eDiscovery long enough (over 35 years) that I’ve seen quite a bit of evolution–and I’ve even been writing a daily blog long enough now (nearly 11 years) that I’ve seen some evolution in processes during that time as well.

One of the processes that has evolved significantly in recent years is chain of custody tracking of the evidence associated with electronic discovery. Chain of custody tracking is important to authenticating the evidence and being able to respond to challenges of the integrity of the evidence if they arise.

The Importance of Chain of Custody Tracking
Let’s start with a baseball analogy to illustrate how important chain of custody is – no, it’s not a Yogi Berra quote (this time). 

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