Sarena Regazzoni: Hanzo Announces New CEO, Julien Masanès

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Extract from Sarena Regazzoni’s article “Hanzo Announces New CEO, Julien Masanès”

Masanès brings operational acumen and strategic leadership as Hanzo scales to support risk mitigation and discovery insights for digital-first workplaces.

Hanzo, a technology pioneer in preserving, collecting, reviewing, and exporting complex collaboration and dynamic web-based data sources, today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Julien Masanès as Chief Executive Officer. He succeeds Keith Laska, who will continue to contribute to the company from a position on the Board.  

“During this time of global change, where people have shifted to working remotely for the foreseeable future, we are seeing a massive shift in how businesses communicate and this presents Hanzo a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help enterprises manage the risk associated with this new reality,” said Kevin Gibson, Executive Chairman of Hanzo. “Julien is a founder of the company and most recently held the role of COO. He combines a deep background in the technology of digital preservation for legal, compliance, and other applications with strong operational leadership skills to provide the balance between short-term delivery and strategic insights that build the business for tomorrow.”

Previously, Masanès was CEO of Internet Memory Research and served as CEO for the Internet Memory Foundation. He has been a founder and strategic advisor to several other technology and media companies. 

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