Jared Coseglia, TRU Staffing Partners: The 2020 Legal Technology Job Market Year in Review

Extract from Jared Coseglia’s article “The 2020 Legal Technology Job Market Year in Review”

The COVID-19 pandemic radically altered the landscape of the legal technology job market, but not entirely in unanticipated ways. TRU’s 2019 Year in Review hinged on the observation that 2019’s legal technology job market trends were continuations and culminations of steadily emerging annual patterns. These trends, specifically remote/work-from-home and contract workforce augmentation, as well as the converging of disciplines, have been hyper-accelerated this year to the point of incredulity.

Other unforeseen new realities have also developed as direct results of our work-from-home containment in 2020, some of which have irrevocably changed hiring practices and industry segmentation growth potential. Like the stock market of 2020, some sectors in the legal technology job market soared with new opportunities while other areas halted, right-sized, RIF’d, and now aim to rebuild, re-establish buy-in, and re-staff.

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