Rhys Dipshan: The 9 Biggest Legal Tech Investments in 2020

Extract from Rhys Dipshan’s article “The 9 Biggest Legal Tech Investments in 2020”

To say 2020 was disruptive is missing the mark. For one thing, “disruptive” really doesn’t encapsulate just how much things have changed this year. And it also doesn’t account for just how much things stay the same. For all the concerns that a global pandemic would zap the momentum out of legal tech funding this year, for example, many legal tech companies have seen significant investments that in many cases are more than double what they garnered just last year.

Above, we look back at some of the biggest investments in 2020, what they taught us about how the market changed, and where’s it’s going in the near future. These only include investments that were over $10 million. There were also a few companies not included in this slideshow that received exactly $10 million in funding in 2020, including legal spend analytics platform Bodhala, entity management technology provider Athennian, and automated contract review company ThoughtRiver.

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