Jeffrey Wolff: 6 Steps Toward More Efficient Internal Investigations

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Extract from Jeffrey Wolff’s article “6 Steps Toward More Efficient Internal Investigations”

Internal investigations are becoming increasingly complex. In a world where everything continues to grow, from the number of people to the amount of data, it is not surprising that the number of internal investigations also continues to increase, as is the scope of internal investigations.

In order to survive as an internal researcher in this constantly changing work environment, you must be open to changes and new techniques.

In this blog, I’ll discuss steps you can take to make internal investigations more efficient.

1. Provide an independent internal investigations department.

Having your own internal investigations department has several advantages. An internal investigations department has the advantage that an investigation can be handled internally, which can limit the risk of leaks. This is very important for the privacy of those involved and the reputation of the company.

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