Jennifer Bantelman, Zapproved: How to Manage Legal Holds with the Cloud

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Extract from Jennifer Bantelman’s article “How to Manage Legal Holds with the Cloud”

Simply put, the operations of managing litigation are growing in complexity. And while there are several factors that contribute to that, none have had more of an impact than the digital transformation of the workplace. Everything from social media to communication channels like slack, to data storage in the cloud, have all been incredible changes in how we live and work.

However, they’ve also immensely complicated the processes of how we go about ediscovery, specifically when it comes to preservation. Adding to that complexity is everything from new regulations to soaring data volumes, and even things as world changing as a pandemic, which forced most global work forces to go remote.

Ediscovery Challenges Facing the Modern In-House Legal Team
These challenges are all compounded by an increase in cost to manage data for litigation. At the same time concerns over keeping data volumes and costs under control are more pressing than ever. The result of this perfect storm is that management teams are trying to balance company growth which usually comes with an increase in security risk and new costs, with the need to protect the company and reduce costs.

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