Jennifer Bantelman, Zapproved: Navigating the Collections Conundrum


Extract from Jennifer Bantelman’s article “Navigating the Collections Conundrum”

Getting More Visibility into Collections
Last time, I wrote about the right considerations when drafting or updating your standard litigation hold language and processes. Today I’m keeping along the same theme as we move to the next phase in your matters: Collection.

I don’t know about you, but for many legal professionals, collections have long been a very elusive black box of technology, specialists, and money. I think with the advent of new technologies and planning to go alongside them, we’re poised to usher in a really exciting time of more visibility, reduced cost, and just down right easier processes.

Preserve or Collect?
First, I don’t think we can talk about collections without talking about preservations. We used to need to over-collect because frankly, in a lot of systems, collection was the only way to make sure the data didn’t get spoliated. 

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