Mike Quartararo, ACEDS: The State Of E-Discovery 2020

Extract from Mike Quartararo’s article “The State Of E-Discovery 2020”

No one I know who is working in the legal industry thinks that less e-discovery work is moving in-house. A recent report produced by Exterro and The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS) confirms quite the opposite.

Full disclosure, I’m the president of ACEDS, and we are committed to providing information to the legal community that is helpful. So, when Exterro approached ACEDS a few months back and asked us to help produce their State of E-Discovery report, we happily agreed and promised to share the results as well.

E-Discovery Work Continues To Move In-House
The report, which is derived from a variety of industry sources, tells the continuing story of e-discovery work moving in-house to corporate legal operations professionals. Fifty percent of legal departments now feature an on-site e-discovery team. Of those, 60% now have dedicated IT services, a five-times increase over the year prior.

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