Jim Gill: Hanzo Helps Global Biotech Company with Data Management & Compliance Archiving: A Case Study


Extract from Jim Gill’s article “Hanzo Helps Global Biotech Company with Data Management & Compliance Archiving: A Case Study”

Our client was a global biopharmaceutical company with over US$ 10 billion in annual revenues. They have over 30,000 employees and operate in 30 countries around the world.

From being able to review the company’s history for internal reasons or to demonstrate regulatory compliance, good record-keeping across all the facets of this global business is vital. We asked our key contact about the company’s seismic changes in record keeping throughout 20 years of impressive growth.

Why Are Website Archives Needed? 

The company has two main drivers for archiving its public-facing websites: Regulatory and Corporate Memory.

On the regulatory side, the organization must be ready to answer any questions regarding what has been communicated to the market and to customers. The company is listed on the stock exchange, so there’s also a regulatory obligation to the stock exchange and to shareholders. The company operates in compliance with product-related and corporate regulatory requirements across the globe. The ability to access the companies’ websites as they were at a given point in time is a valuable capability.

Corporate memory is the other driver. The organization recently celebrated a major anniversary, and through website archiving they were able to look back at different branding campaigns to see how things had changed over many decades. The archives have also been used to answer questions about acquisition dates, product names and changes, taglines, and advertising. It’s a fantastic record of the company’s growth.

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