Keith Laska, Hanzo: 7 Principles to Help Marketing and Compliance Work Together Without Compromising

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Extract from Keith Laska’s article “7 Principles to Help Marketing and Compliance Work Together Without Compromising”

The marketing and compliance departments don’t always hit it off from the start. The conflict is natural enough: each brings different qualities and mindsets to the job. Marketing is all about grabbing attention via creativity, uniqueness, and flair. Compliance, on the other hand, is focused on avoiding risks through caution, tried-and-true approaches, and strict adherence to rules. Marketing chafes at those rules, while compliance reflexively shuts down outside-the-box thinking. Neither can afford to compromise when it comes to their core aims—which often puts them in opposition with each other. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you can get marketing and compliance on the same page, they can realize their shared aim: advertising that is appealing and honest, and that keeps the company out of trouble with regulators and the media. They’re like chicken and waffles: pretty much opposites that can—if brought together in the right way—go perfectly together. 

These seven guiding principles can get your marketing and compliance teams working together without either one compromising their inherent values.

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