Kelly Twigger: #CaseoftheWeek Episode 93: Analyzing the Court’s Decision on Overbroad Search Terms in eDiscovery

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Extract from Kelly Twigger’s article “#CaseoftheWeek Episode 93: Analyzing the Court’s Decision on Overbroad Search Terms in eDiscovery”

We’re kicking off our first episode of 2023 where we’ll analyze the Court’s decision on when search terms are over broad and not proportional to the needs of the case, as well as why understanding the language of the FRCP is key in ediscovery. 

The matter we will be discussing is Jim Hawk Truck-Trailers of Sioux Falls v. Crossroads Trailer Sales & Service and the decision is from July 29, 2022 by United States District Judge Karen E. Schreier.

Continue reading or watch the video to learn more about the ediscovery issues in this matter.


Happy New Year and welcome to Episode 93 of our Case of the Week series published in partnership with ACEDS. Our first episode of 2023 comes to us from a decision from earlier this year, and we’ll get into that. My name is Kelly Twigger; I am the CEO and founder of eDiscovery Assistant, as well as the Principal at ESI Attorneys. Thanks so much for joining me this morning.

Couple of events for you to know about. First is registration for the University of Florida Levin College of Law (UF Law) eDiscovery Conference is open. That conference takes place on February 8th and 9th and is streamed live and for free. So grab some folks from your office, have a party in the conference room, and learn some great practical tips about eDiscovery.

We’re working feverishly on the case law report for 2022 (view 2021 Report), and that will be available later this month or early February. Also, Legalweek is coming up in March, so I’m sure you started to see emails about that as well. We will be at Legalweek, so we look forward to seeing you there.

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