Kim Lamba, Relativity: Let AI Level Up Your Next Privilege Review

Extract from Kim Lamba’s article “Let AI Level Up Your Next Privilege Review”

Discovery first went digital to follow the shifting realities of business data and improve efficiencies in collecting, reviewing, analyzing, and strategizing on all of the information deemed potentially relevant to legal matters. And ever since, the evolution of e-discovery has told a long story about the ongoing battle between increasing data volumes and decreasing budgets.

When early iterations of artificial intelligence first entered the legal technology scene—largely in the form of technology-assisted review—this battle was what drove often reluctant legal teams to adopt a new approach to document review.

And as the march toward greater acceptance of that approach continued on, those teams learned an interesting lesson: when it comes to large-scale document reviews, a little help from your friendly AI algorithm can give you not just faster results, but better ones.

Today, next-generation AI tools continue to move the needle on improving efficiencies in the face of huge data volumes, with an even greater focus on delivering more accurate results even when faced with very specific nuances. Text IQ for Privilege is one of those tools.

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