Isha Marathe: Legal Tech, E-Discovery AI Still Plagued by Overpromises and Untested Claims

Extract from Isha Marathe’s article “Legal Tech, E-Discovery AI Still Plagued by Overpromises and Untested Claims”

The last few years have seen strides in artificial intelligence capabilities and importance—tech partnerships to facilitate the development of AI solutions, lawsuits to name machines as inventors, and even talent shuffling within the legal industry spurred on by AI companies. 

Yet, in many ways, artificial intelligence is still the shiny new toy in the legal tech stack that doesn’t always live up to its hype.

Recently, Killer Whale Strategies founder Zach Abramowitz opined that a large round of layoffs within legal tech company Lawgeex was likely due to their AI tool not living up to its marketing. To be sure, that wouldn’t be the only time AI-based e-discovery has fallen short of expectations.Attorneys and experts have pointed to misleading marketing that touted AI’s “silver bullet solutions” as the culprit for poor technology-assisted review (TAR 1.0 and TAR 2.0) adoption.

But still, notwithstanding its complex history within legal, AI is forging on. Vendors are rolling out new solutions (such as TAR 3.0), and AI companies are tapping legal talent.

The tug-of-war between legal’s resistance and attraction to AI solutions is not lost on experts, who see its lofty potential within the industry while acknowledging how susceptible it is to the art of the oversell.

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