Cassandre Coyer: Q&A: Former Microsoft VP Discusses Opportunities, and Challenges, in E-Discovery

Extract from Cassandre Coyer’s article “Q&A: Former Microsoft VP Discusses Opportunities, and Challenges, in E-Discovery”

By now it is clear that the pandemic and the transition to remote work has transformed the nature of discovery. And looking ahead, e-discovery is likely to only continue evolving.

Legaltech News caught up with Ron Markezich, who will succeed Brian McManus as the new chief executive officer of e-discovery provider Lighthouse starting October 1.

In a big move from Big Tech to legal tech, Markezich is leaving his position as vice president at Microsoft.

Below, Markezich discusses what pain points he still sees in e-discovery, as well as the opportunities to leverage new technologies to keep improving the field.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Legaltech News: Why did you leave Microsoft for an e-discovery company? What was the impetus behind the move from Big Tech to legal tech?

My time at Microsoft has really been spent on getting Microsoft to the cloud. It’s been building up our commercial cloud services, that’s what I’ve been spending the last 15 years on and to the point now where it’s by far the biggest business … and I saw something similar at Lighthouse with the start that they’ve had building a tech platform and the opportunity to help really transform the legal industry through the tech platform and the advisory services that Lighthouse has.

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