Leah Langston, Zapproved: 6 Indicators It’s Time to Bring More Ediscovery In-House


Extract from Leah Langston’s article “6 Indicators It’s Time to Bring More Ediscovery In-House”

When it comes to ediscovery market “trends,” sometimes it can seem a little…fluffy. (When is that much-hyped “AI revolution” supposed to start again?)

However, there is one legal trend that we know is very real and it is happening across all industries not in some future state but today; In a post-COVID world where most departments are just trying to survive, legal departments are prepping for a potential wave of litigation. That equates to more and more corporate legal teams making tangible steps to bring more ediscovery in-house. 

In a recent article about how the pandemic is changing the legal tech market, Greg Buckles of the eDiscovery Journal observed, “My GCs/AGCs are analyzing their matter spend like never before. I am getting questions like, ‘How could our internal team support more of the discovery?’”

Even when budgets are tight, and gaining priority for new initiatives seems nearly impossible, legal teams are making headway towards building a business case for investment in in-house ediscovery software.

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