Mallory Acheson and West Lee: Ahead of the Curve: The E-Discovery Landscape in 2023

Extract from Mallory Acheson and West Lee’s article “Ahead of the Curve: The E-Discovery Landscape in 2023”

In the world of e-discovery, where requests are always urgent and the deadline is always yesterday, time moves differently. One day can feel like a month, but a year can pass in what seems like a week. So, it’s not surprising that despite the already incredible evolution of e-discovery, it’s still a fairly young industry with a lot of growing left to do.

Here’s where the industry is headed and what that will mean for corporations, vendors and law firms trying to stay afloat in the e-discovery waves.

First, let us consider the changes already underway, the ripple effects of which are being felt now.

Pivoting to AI and Other Technology

In recent years, we have seen e-discovery evolve from document requests to an all-encompassing industry for data management. Much of this evolution can be attributed to the ease of pivoting to developed technology and skill sets to assist with new tasks. We expect to see a continued pivot to other areas of need, such as: 1) breach response, 2) contract management and 3) information governance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making great strides in the e-discovery industry over the last decade.

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