Mary Rechtoris, Relativity: Stellar Women in e-Discovery: On the Road Part I [Podcast]

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Extract from Mary Rechtoris’ “Stellar Women in e-Discovery: On the Road Part I [Podcast]”

This past May, Women in e-Discovery hosted their first annual conference. Eager to put faces to email signatures, I attended the conference and  brought the Stellar Women in e-Discovery podcast “on the road” from Chicago to Austin. Despite torrential downpours, spirits were high as female leaders throughout the industry caught up with colleagues and soaked in a wealth of information on technology-assisted review, the art of negotiation, and artificial intelligence.

I had the opportunity to catch up with two guests of Stellar Women in e-Discovery—Tricia Johnson and Joy Murao—for the podcast’s “On the Road” special edition series. In this episode, Tricia and Joy discuss what it means to be innovative in legal tech today and how they have paved a path of innovation throughout their careers.

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