Matthew Verga, XDD: A Few Recent Cases – Mobile Devices Update, Part 2

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A Few Recent Cases – Mobile Devices Update, Part 2

A multi-part update on the discovery challenges posed by the proliferation and popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices

by Matthew Verga, JD, Xact Data Discovery

In “Data on the Move,” we discussed new usage data, new evidence of evidence, and new technology news related to mobile devices in eDiscovery.  In this Part, we begin our review of recent mobile device cases.

Over the past few years, the frequency with which cases have had to address mobile device issues has steadily increased.  From preservation obligations, to proportionality challenges, to privacy concerns, mobile devices have become a discovery battleground.  In this Part, and in Parts to come, we will review an assortment of these cases, in chronological order, to see what additional guidance can be gleaned from them.

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