LDM Global Announces New Senior Leaders, Office in Sydney

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LDM Global Announces New Senior Leaders, Office in Sydney

Sydney, 1 August, 2019 – LDM Global today announced the appointment of two senior leaders and a new office in Sydney. LDM Global is a global consultancy focusing on eDiscovery, digital forensics, document review and cybersecurity.

Bernard Jarroush has been promoted to Chief Customer Officer. Murali Baddula has been named Vice President of eDiscovery.

Jarroush has 20 years of eDiscovery and litigation support experience in APAC and the United States, including managing large international cases. He also is the founding member of the Association of eDiscovery Specialists’ (ACEDS) Australia chapter.

In his new role, Jarroush will work closely with clients to ensure they receive optimal value. Having worked on both the operations and client facing sides of the business, Jarroush is highly skilled at understanding client needs and pain points.

“Working with clients to understand their unique needs and then creating a solution that will offer them the best value is my favorite part of my job,” Mr. Jarroush said. “No two companies have the same eDiscovery needs, and that means that no two days are ever the same.”

Baddula will oversee eDiscovery operations globally. He comes with a wealth of experience, having worked in the industry for almost 20 years. His expertise is in eDiscovery, consulting, digital forensics, project management and software development.

“I enjoy assisting legal departments, government entities and corporations by offering them strategies and workflows to make their lives easy,” Mr. Baddula said. “Technology and software are evolving very quickly, and I enjoy finding ways to use analytics and AI to help clients do their work more efficiently.”

Both Jarroush and Baddula are based in the new Sydney office. Although this is LDM Global’s first physical office in Australia, the company has been supporting clients in the region for years. LDM Global has a data centre in Sydney, established in 2014, and in China, established this year.

“Although we have been supporting clients in Australia in the past, we are excited to be able to further support those clients and expand our on-the-ground support in the region,” said CEO Conor Looney. “Bernard and Murali’s experience supporting clients across industries will further enhance our technical team’s support of clients in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Source: LDM Global