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Sean O’Shea: Tips for Paralegals and Litigation Support Professionals – July 2019

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6/26/2019: Tasklist
Entering the command, tasklist in Windows command prompt will generate a list of all programs which are currently running in Windows

6/27/2019: Printing problems with VMWare
VM Ware will continue to assign a printer to the USB port used first.

6/28/2019: C.D. Cal.: Data Protection Measures Fail to Meet Minimum for Diversity Jurisdiction
Declaration tor cost of data collection and protection measures was ruled deficient because the estimates were based on security standards for banks, not a tech company like the defendant.

6/29/2019: Command to get list of errors logged by Windows
Get-EventLog -LogName System -EntryType Error

6/30/2019: Powershell Command to get list of Outlook folders

7/1/2019: Powershell command to get hash values
You can use the Get-FileHash command in PowerShell to generate hash values of an electronic file.  PowerShell supports the MD5; SHA1; SHA256; SHA384; and SHA512 algorithms.

7/2/2019: Powershell script to get hash value of a directory
A single SHA1 hash value will be generated for an entire folder.

7/3/2019: CBS log file taking up space on the C drive
In Windows, the System File Check utility may generate multiple log files of 1 GB or more that can run down the free space on your hard drive.

7/4/2019: Bankr. D. Minn. Sanctions BMO Harris for ‘Deceit and Obfuscation’ in Loss of Email Backup Tapes
“And while there is no concrete indication that the backup tapes contained evidence that could be considered a ‘smoking-gun,’ that is not the standard. The fact that the tapes were the primary, if not only, source of Defendant’s pre-March 2005 emails renders its loss prejudicial.”

7/5/2019: DisCountersView
Find how often each drive on your system has been read from or written to.

7/6/2019: Automatic lists in Excel
File . . . Options . . Advanced, scroll down, see the option to ‘Edit Custom Lists’ in the general section.

7/7/2019: Powershell Script to generate hash values of multiple files
dir c:\foofolder\baseball -Recurse | Get-FileHash

7/8/2019: Slide Aspect Ratios: – 4:3 to 16:9
The 16:9 aspect ratio common to HDTV monitors is twice as wide and 1.5 times the height of the standard 4:3 video graphics array (VGA) display.  You can switch between the two in PowerPoint by going to Design . . . Slide Size

7/9/2019: Comparing Montiors
Cathode Ray Tube monitors can only go up to 43 inches, but LCD can be up to 108” and a Plasma screen can be as long as 150 inches.

7/10/2019: Auslogics Duplicate File Finder
This tool can help you find duplicate files with different file names.

7/11/2019: Recording Phone Calls on an iPhone
The Rev voice recorder app for iPhones, provides a free and easy to way to record your phone calls, that also helps to edit and export the resulting audio files.

7/12/2019: Where can you record a conversation without the other party’s consent?
While in a great plurality of states you can record a phone call without the other person’s consent, in four of the six biggest states (California, Florida, Illinois and Pennsylvania) the second party’s consent is required.

7/13/2019: command history
We can press the down arrow to go through the commands in chronological order.

7/14/2019: Rules of the Redaction of Trial Transcripts
A motion must be filed to redact information from a trial transcript other than SSNs; birth dates; children names; and account numbers.

7/15/2019: Searching for Highlighting Regex Strings
You can run regular expression searches in Word, and then highlight the results.   In Find and Replace, check off the ‘Use wildcards’ box and enter the searched for term in parentheses.

7/16/2019: Formatting Tips for TOAs and TOCs
To set hanging indentations, go to the Paragraph settings and select ‘Hanging’ in the Special drop-down menu.  Set it to 0.25″.

7/17/2019: IBM’s Data Breach Calculator
In the United States data breaches will be most expensive for the financial world, big tech, and the healthcare industry.  Breaches are comparatively inexpensive for companies focusing on research and organizations in the public sector.

7/18/2019: More Tips on Slack
Slack does not include a built-in litigation hold function.

7/19/2019: Text to Columns on Line Breaks
If you want to split data in a column where the line break appears, after choosing the option for delimited text, in the Other box enter, ALT + 0010 (on the number keypad).

7/20/2019: Command to find hidden files
A simple Windows command will generate a list of all hidden files in a directory.   Enter: dir /ah

7/21/2019: Searching for exact phrases in Outlook
A change to the registry can allow you to run searches for exact phrases in the body of emails.

7/22/2019: WinZip error: central and local directory mismatch
A zip file is structured to have file headers preceding each file entry, followed at the end by a central directory. The central directory lists the file entries and associated metadata, keeping track of each file’s location.

7/23/2019: Slack Now Working Faster
The desktop version of Slack released this month loads 33% faster.

7/24/2019: Are your Facebook friends disqualified?
The Florida Supreme Court ruled in Law Offices of Herssein & Herssein, P.A. v. United Servs. Auto. Ass’n, No. SC17-1848, 2018 Fla. LEXIS 2209 (Nov. 15, 2018), that a Facebook friendship is not by itself sufficient to require the disqualification of a judge.

7/25/2019: Are exhibits entered into evidence or in evidence?
“Evidence is not a place into which something goes or is placed. It is a status or a state of being. A thing is either ‘in evidence’ or ‘not in evidence’; it is not ‘into evidence’ or ‘out of evidence.”‘

7/26/2019: Reset Clicked on Web Links
The Chrome add-in Web Developer will mark all links as unvisted.

7/27/2019: Tool to analyze dump files
The Debug Diagnostic Analysis tool comes installed with Windows.  It can help you analyze .dmp files.

7/28/2019: District of Idaho: When the Government Picks the Finger, Fingerprints Used to Unlock Smartphones are not Testimonial Evidence
A fingerprint used to unlock a smartphone is not testimonial evidence under the 5th amendment.

7/29/2019: Jump to a scroll position on a web page
Search for anchor point names preceded by <a href=” and then add the name after the address and a # .  The new link will jump to the designated place on the page.

7/30/2019: Interrupting a mass PDF export to save one document
An admin can set Relativity to allow single documents to be saved as PDFs while a mass op to save multiple documents as PDFs is running.

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Sean O'Shea
Litigation Paralegal
Sean O’Shea began working as a litigation support analyst at Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison LLP in 1998, near the dawn of the electronic discovery era. From assisting clients with the implementation of information governance policies, to conducting electronic presentations for attorneys at trials, he has been involved in all aspects of litigation support work. Sean is a Relativity Certified Administrator and an ACEDS Certified E-Discovery Specialist. He’s currently employed as a litigation paralegal in New York City, and continues to advise attorneys on legal technology. Look for a new tip on each night on www.litigationsupporttipofthenight.com.

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