Meg McLaughlin, Zapproved: 5 Basic Steps For Matter Resolution


Extract from Meg McLaughlin’s article “5 Basic Steps For Matter Resolution”

The end of a case isn’t the end of the ediscovery process
In the rush to close one case and jump to other open matters, it can be easy to overlook a few final steps. But hold on! When a matter concludes, whether it’s after trial or considerably earlier, it’s the perfect time to corral any wayward data and clean up now-obsolete information, document your work product, and evaluate opportunities to streamline your litigation response the next time around.  

We get it! It can be hard to dedicate the time to take these steps; they aren’t required, they’re not subject to any deadline, and are purely an internal tool. However, a consistent matter resolution process can help save time and money for future litigation, and reduce the risks associated with data over-retention.

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