Meg McLaughlin, Zapproved: How to Choose the Right Ediscovery Software

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Extract from Meg McLaughlin’s article “How to Choose the Right Ediscovery Software”

Is your ediscovery software in need of an upgrade? The truth of the matter is, many companies are still using outdated, mishmashed, or even spreadsheets to manage their ediscovery process. These antiquated processes may work for some companies or use cases, but corporate legal teams are facing growing security risks and increased costs.

With the right software, in-house legal teams can initiate legal holds with ease, conduct targeted preservation and collections, process data more efficiently, and review documents with confidence. What are you waiting for?

Understanding Ediscovery Software and How To Choose the One for Your Company

As ediscovery has evolved and become segmented into different processes and stages, different ediscovery vendors have cropped up to help legal professionals manage ediscovery. Ediscovery software allows legal professionals to process, review, tage, and produce electronic documents for any existing or potential. 

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