Michael Epstein: Back to Basics (Part 1): The Importance of eDiscovery Process Review

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Extract from Michael Epstein’s article “Back to Basics (Part 1): The Importance of eDiscovery Process Review”

The past 5 years of my career were spent in-house at Deutsche Bank as part of the eDiscovery technology team, and now that I have my own advisory practice, I can share my thoughts, advice, and opinions more freely. This article is based in my belief that focusing on the basics will keep your eDiscovery program on the right path regardless of the size and type of organization.

Why Back to Basics?
We all know that eDiscovery is the process of identifying, collecting, searching, reviewing, and producing electronic documents during the discovery phase of litigation. The same methods apply to regulatory requests, investigations, or other data requests that could, in the future, move to litigation.

Although organizations spend a significant amount of time creating their eDiscovery processes—working with the legal, compliance, and technology departments—they do not always review and update the procedures for technology changes. In my experience working in-house, it is essential to integrate eDiscovery practices with your organization’s change management process to avoid technology changes that could impact your eDiscovery effort today or in the future.

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