Michael Paul and Rajnish Singh: The Future Is Serverless

Extract from Michael Paul and Rajnish Singh’s article “The Future Is Serverless”

Microsoft tools have long been the bedrock of law firm business operations. The Microsoft 365 ecosystem opens a new era of innovation and efficiency that enables a serverless solution including features to improve law firm processes. Many firms have made the move already, and many others are considering implementing Microsoft 365 soon. Here we will explore some of the important features of M365 that law firm leaders may not fully understand or utilize today, what they do, and how they can improve productivity and efficiency.

The Transition to Microsoft 365

Small and midsize law firms can greatly benefit from cloud services. Utilizing them avoids the expenses associated with purchasing and maintaining hardware, enhances cybersecurity posture and allocates more time to higher-value projects. 

Some believe transitioning to a completely serverless IT infrastructure is too complex. However, by leveraging tools such as the Microsoft 365 SaaS suite, including Entra ID (formerly Azure AD), Intune, Autopilot, SharePoint, Copilot and OneDrive, operating solely in the cloud can be straightforward. A major benefit for law firms considering this migration is the tools to make the transition even smoother are likely available with an existing M365 license.

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