Ram Vasudevan: Navigating the Tech Tide: Strategic Adoption in the Legal Enterprise

Extract from Ram Vasudevan’s article “Navigating the Tech Tide: Strategic Adoption in the Legal Enterprise”

Technology adoption in legal enterprises, now occurring at unprecedented rates, heralds significant shifts not only in the practice of law but also in its business dynamics. Several of these changes are transformative, software and cloud-driven, with aspects of artificial intelligence loaded in. Yet, amid this rapid integration, the essence of adopting new technology remains rooted in identifying and effectively addressing real, operational problems.

AI presents the most salient example. On one hand, there’s an enthusiastic embrace of innovation, driven by AI’s promise to enhance efficiency, quality and affordability of legal services. On the other, cautious skepticism persists among legal professionals, marked by concerns over AI’s current reliability and the ethical implications of its use. This dichotomy underscores both the complexity and urgency for legal practices to engage with technology—AI included—not as a distant future, but as an immediate opportunity to lead and innovate.

What is also clear is that legal enterprises require strategic business imperatives and clear frameworks for adopting technology to ensure efficient and successful implementation—and minimize downside risk.

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