Mid-career Decision Point: New IT Certifications?

Extract from John Edwards’ article “Mid-career Decision Point: New IT Certifications?” – Featuring CEO of Tru Staffing Partners, Jared Coseglia

Knowledge and skills are your most important career tools. Here’s how to prove you’re staying on top of the game.

You’ve been on the job for 10, 15, maybe even 20 years. IT has changed dramatically over that time, but you’re proud that you’ve kept on top of all the changes and are as knowledgeable about current technologies and practices as co-workers just a fraction of your age.

But can you prove this fact to your superiors? How would hiring managers react if you decide to seek a brighter future with another employer? To keep your career moving forward, perhaps it’s time you undertook some formal training and earned new or updated certification in one or more key technologies.

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