Mila Taylor, Relativity: Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Maribel Rivera


Extract from Mila Taylor’s article “Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Maribel Rivera”

Editor’s Note: Because Stellar Women in e-Discovery operates on its own publication schedule, you may notice an episode or two missing, or appearing out of order, in our blog coverage of the show. To ensure you don’t miss any insights, find Stellar Women in your favorite podcast app and follow along to catch each episode as it airs.

After chatting with Maribel Rivera, it came as no surprise that she was the winner of our inaugural Inclusion Breakthrough of the Year Award. This Innovation Award celebrates an individual who is a driving force in creating a more equitable industry, organization, and/or local community where everyone feels like they belong. And Maribel is the epitome of what this award means.

In this episode, Maribel openly walked us through her life’s events that led her to be the compassionate and driven leader that she is today. It was such a pleasure to learn about the strong network of people she has created for herself, as well as how to be the CEO of our own lives. 

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